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Vegetarian Diet

Delight in our salads, fruits and vegetables with zero animal fats or by-products. Ask about customer favorites - seven layer salad, sweet potato casserole, yam souffle, collard greens, mixed veggie casserole, spinach pie and veggie lasagna.

Sugar-free Desserts

We provide a choice sugar-free dessert every day!
Fruit Pies - Meringue Pies - Cream Pies - Fruit Cobblers

Healthy Diet

Enjoy all of our entrees and vegetables prepared with no animal byproducts and no trans-fat free oils. Guests with a high protein / low carbohydrate diet may select from a variety of - seafood, grilled chicken breast, chopped steak and more options that can often times be made cook to order. Fresh fruit and house-made salads available for low-fat diets.

A la Carte Meals

Perfect for family dining. Enjoy a variety of freshly prepared comfort food. Everyone will find something good to eat and you only pay for what is on your plate.

Fresh Clean Water

Everpure Pentair Water